Residents of Chelyabinsk learned about the methods of early diagnosis of cancer

In Chelyabinsk, the second information meeting was held within the framework of the project" cancer – myths and reality", which gathered more than 100 people. South Ural residents, who are not indifferent to the topic of their own health, were able to communicate directly with oncologists, as well as learned from experts about the methods of early diagnosis of cancer and the factors contributing to the emergence of the disease.

Before the lecture, everyone was able to visit the interactive zones for self-examination of mammary glands on models, symptoms of melanoma with the help of information stands. In addition, 35 visitors completed the rapid survey of the moles dermatologists. According to experts, serious pathologies have been identified.

"According to the data, one in five adults refuses to seek medical care, hesitating to talk about the symptoms manifested in his body. Thus, millions lose the possibility of early diagnosis and effective treatment of diseases including cancer," the organizers of the event noted.

You need to be attentive to the health of your and your loved ones and be able to recognize the problems:

1. Inexplicable rapid weight loss.

2. Systemic disorders of the gastrointestinal tract: pain, heartburn, digestive disorders.

3. Loss or lack of appetite, aversion to previously favorite products

4. Unmotivated, constant weakness.

5. The temperature rise for a long time, without explainable reasons.

6. Long unhealed wound or a growth of strange formation on the body.

7.Seals or thickening on or under the skin, especially in the area of the mammary glands, neck, armpits, groin.

8. Any changes that have occurred with birthmarks, moles and warts: increase in size, change in shape, color, cracks, bleeding.

9. Persistent cough, hoarseness, voice change.

10. Bleeding and other pathological discharge.

11. Prolonged pain of any localization.

The number of surveys that need to undergo regular doctors include mammograms, visiting the dentist and gynecologist, chest x-rays, blood tests, a PSA test, fecal occult blood test and EGD monitoring moles at the dermatologist. Almost all of these examinations can be performed as part of a medical examination.

Traditionally, the event aroused great interest among the inhabitants of the region, live broadcast of the meeting have watched more than one thousand people. Everyone will be able to see the recording of the lecture in our official community "Vkontakte": health Territory. South Ural" .