Natalia Kotova criticized the snow removal in Chelyabinsk

Snow removal on the territory of the metropolis was the main theme of the hardware meeting held today, February 11, in the administration of Chelyabinsk. The first Deputy Head of the city Natalia Kotova criticized contractors and district authorities for sluggishness.

Head of the improvement Department Vladimir Zhuchkov in his traditional weekly report noted that none of the objects of the control check for the past seven days was not noted a positive result. Management companies and contractors explain the delay by weather conditions.

"We have recorded almost 200 new violations, including 134 in the intra-territories, 49-sidewalks, 9 - street and road network. Monitoring is sent weekly to the heads of districts. However, as of Friday, February 8, reported on the work carried out only three of seven", - said Vladimir Zhuchkov.

He also added that repeated and willful violations of the acts in the Public housing inspections. To date, there are 22. There will already be addressed the issue of the performance Of management companies license requirements.

"In my opinion, four days when there were no low temperatures, it is enough to bring the city to its proper form. Snow from the main highways is not taken out, there are piles in the Parking lots. A similar situation in the yards. So the work weekend were adequate was not conducted, - said Natalia Kotova. "I hope that everyone heard me today, especially companies that work under the municipal contract."

The first Deputy will once again discuss this topic with the heads of districts behind closed doors. And tomorrow in the causes of poor cleaning she will deal with the contractor.