Early repair of roads in Chelyabinsk

Since the beginning of March on the streets of Chelyabinsk patching repears of the roads is underway. So early as this year, the road workers has not yet begun these kind of work-, said the representative of the general contractor of the ZAO  "Juzhuralmost" today on the 17 of March.

This year, under the contract, the contractor have to make patching more than 60 thousand square meters of roads, re-made about 70 thousand square meters of asphalt by "maps", i.e. plots of up to 100 square metres and the 470 thousand square meters of coating realize middle road repair.

"This year, as never before, on the 2 March, we started patching and repair, using the technology of" cold "asphalt. At the moment in Chelyabinsk already eliminated 200 pits. Unfortunately, we cannot use this technology throughout the cold season because its cost in 3 times more expensive than normal asphalt concrete ", -commented Deputy Director for maintenance of roads of JSC «Juzhuralmost» Eugene Lugansk.

It is worth noting that the main contractor purchased new thermos-bunker with increased capacity and performance. Compared to the previous one ZIL Hopper, its capacity is three times higher and amounts to 10 tonnes of a mixture. In addition Luganskij shared upcoming plans for street cleaning from dust and dirt:

"After about a week on the streets of the city come out vacuum cleaners, but only upon the occurrence of a constant positive temperatures air.This year purchased an additional 20 new special vehicles, in our garage over 40 pieces of them. Thanks to new technology, dampened the salt, which is also used for the first time this winter, we have achieved much progress, because the mixture is dissolved in precipitation and subsequently does not form a cloud of dust on the roads ".

We remind that the "cold technology" blacktop, which applies the general contractor of ZAO «Juzhuralmost» is a mixture, with the addition of bitumen, it is characterized by high fluidity and elasticity for deeper penetration into the pits. The main advantage of "cold" asphalt- temperature down to minus 30 degrees, it does not require costly preliminary preparatory work, as well as ensures ecological safety. Cast asphalt is laid at temperatures of up to minus 5 degrees, on the roads. Cast asphalt is not sensitive to weather conditions such as freezing-thawing, as filled with monolith. Technology is widely applicable, simply mix is poured into holes and cracks, then rapid solidification of the repaired surface.