Chelyabinsk switched to new waste management system

In Chelyabinsk, from the new year, the Center for Municipal Services Ltd. officially became the registrar for the removal and disposal of MSW. On the first results of the work today, January 11, told the director of the company Alexey Bubnov in the press center "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

It should be noted that in the framework of the new system for handling MSW, the Chelyabinsk cluster approved a new tariff for the population. It amounts to 67.59 rubles per person for residents of apartment buildings, and 52.18 rubles for the private sector. Chelyabinsk citizens do not need to renegotiate contracts, and the first service receipts will come to them in the first days of February 2019.

"At the moment we are working on the formulation of contracts with legal entities. And those carriers who independently take out the garbage to the landfill in Poletaevo will simply not be allowed into it from January 25 unless they enter into an agreement with us, "says Alexey Bubnov.

It is worth noting that in the past New Year holidays, in Chelyabinsk, there were practically no interruptions in emptying containers in the residential sector. Several facts were recorded only on January 3, but they were promptly worked out.

"On holidays, no more than 10-15 people addressed us per day. Some complaints concerned garbage on the container sites themselves. I would like to remind once again that this is the area of responsibility of management companies. The housing tariff for these purposes provides 56 kopecks from each "square" of housing, "- said the director of LLC" CCS ".

But to leave the appeal on the non-collection of garbage or on the organization of a new system for the treatment of MSW, you can call the hotline of LLC CCS: 8-800-333-12-79 and (351) 200-33-83. In addition, the company website contains all the necessary information.

The regoperator currently has about 60 modern garbage trucks, which serve about 6 thousand container sites, slightly more than a third of which belong to legal entities. In February, the park will be replenished with another 20 cars. About 1000 tons of garbage are exported to the landfill in Poletaevo per day. It is up to the regioperator to eliminate unauthorized dumps. In addition, the plans for the coming year, a phased transition to the separate collection of garbage.