Chelyabinsk residents are invited to visit the "Territory of Health"

On October 22, events aimed at the prevention of strokes were launched in Chelyabinsk.

"Interactive Health Territories have been organized in five hospitals in the city", said Inna Kireeva, Deputy Head of the Health Department of the Chelyabinsk City Administration. - Visitors will be able to consult a cardiologist, a therapist and a neurologist. Also at the sites will determine the vascular age, height, weight, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol in the blood, calculate the body mass index".

October 22, "Territory of Health" worked in GKB № 5 (Kaslinskaya Street, 60A, kb. 410), on October 25, the site will open in GKB № 1 (Vorovskogo Street, 16, office 345), on October 26 in GKB № 11 ( Dzerzhinsky Street, 15, kb. 234), October 29 - GKB № 6 (Rumyantsev Street, 31, room 101), October 30 - in GKB № 8 (Gorky Street, 18, kb. 133). Opening hours of sites from 08-00 to 12 hours.

Note, one of the most important ways to prevent stroke is clinical follow-up for patients with arterial hypertension, as well as independent monitoring of blood pressure in the morning and evening. Often the risk of stroke can be significantly reduced by following the principles of good nutrition and increasing the level of physical activity. Also, experts draw attention to the importance of proper and timely first aid. It is the time provided first aid in many cases that helps not only to save lives, but also to prevent disability.

Also, on October 27, from 08-00 to 13 o'clock, in all medical organizations in Chelyabinsk, there will be a single "Open Day" for medical examinations, timed to coincide with the World Day against Stroke. Consultations on blood pressure measurement, classes on the first signs of stroke and heart attack, and first aid for emergency conditions will be organized in the halls. And everyone can learn about ways to prevent a stroke on November 3 at 11 o'clock in the Neurological Clinic of Dr. Bubnova (Vorovskogo Street, 59, entrance from the yard, 3rd floor).