Chelyabinsk remind fire safety rules

Neglect of fire safety rules and neglect of safety issues generally lead to tragedy. The statistics of the first days of 2019 make you wonder.

Since the beginning of the year, 61 fires have occurred on the territory of the city - 33 of them are associated with burning garbage, 28 fires in housing, gardens, and transport. Statistics by districts is as follows:












Sovetsky district    




central District




Metallurgical District   




Traktorozavodsky district     




Kurchatov district  




Kalininsky district   




Leninsky district  





61 (23 in 2018)

4 (0 in 2018)

3 (1 in 2018)

Careless handling of fire, including carelessness when smoking is one of the most common causes of fires with the death of people.

It is a mistake to believe that lovers of smoking in bed do not realize the danger of their habit. Each of them understands perfectly well that a cigarette butt left on a mattress or pillow can flare up in a few minutes into a flame and incinerate the whole house. But smokers believe that the situation is under their control and it certainly will not happen to them.

However, people being drunk lose control of their actions and actions. As a result, they threaten not only their own lives, but also the safety of their loved ones and neighbors. As is known, the maximum temperature of a smoldering cigarette varies between 300-420 C, the time of its smoldering is 4-8 minutes. Having caused smoldering of combustible material, the stub itself goes out after a while, but the center of corruption created by it leads to a fire. And the death of a fallen asleep smoker is not caused by fire, but by toxic products of combustion. A person receives a deadly dose of carbon monoxide after 1 to 3 minutes, it all depends on the physical condition and age of the person. And most often, the tragedies are due to smoking while intoxicated (according to statistics, more than 80% of those killed in the city were intoxicated at the time of the fire).
Smoking lovers need to know that it is especially dangerous to smoke in bed, especially while intoxicated. The smoker falls asleep, the cigarette falls on the bedding, and a fire occurs. Waking up from the smell of smoke, a sober person is able to escape himself and assist others. Alcohol clouded the mind. In this state, a person may not even feel the first signs of a fire.

According to Article 12 of the Federal Law dated February 23, 2013 N 15-ФЗ "On the protection of the health of citizens from exposure to surrounding tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption", smoking of tobacco in certain territories, in premises and objects is prohibited.

To prevent exposure to environmental tobacco smoke on human health, smoking tobacco is prohibited:

1) in the territories and premises intended for the provision of educational services, services by cultural institutions and institutions of youth affairs, services in the field of physical culture and sports;
2) in the territories and premises intended for the provision of medical, rehabilitation and sanatorium-resort services;
3) in long-distance trains, on ships in long voyages, in the provision of passenger transportation services;
4) on aircraft, on all types of public transport (public transport), urban and suburban traffic
5) in premises intended for the provision of housing services, hotel services, temporary accommodation services and (or) provision of temporary accommodation;
6) in premises intended for the provision of personal services, trade services, catering services, market premises, in non-stationary trade objects;
7) in the premises of social services;
8) in premises occupied by state authorities, local authorities;
9) at workplaces and in work areas organized in premises;
10) in elevators and common areas of apartment buildings;
11) at playgrounds and within the boundaries of the territories occupied by beaches;
12) on passenger platforms used exclusively for boarding trains, disembarking passengers from trains when they are transported in commuter traffic;
13) at gas stations.

The punishment for this offense is regulated by the Code on Administrative Offenses of the RF Article 6.24. The size of the penalty for smoking in public places depends on where you broke the law, with whom you did it and other aggravating or mitigating circumstances. In the usual case, the penalty for smoking in public places is an administrative fine in the amount of 500 to 1,500 rubles.

Smoking lovers must follow the basic rules of fire safety:

- use large deep ashtrays and constantly watch them;
- after receiving guests, always check to see if not extinguished and smoldering cigarette butts are left in upholstered furniture, between pillows and in garbage cans;
- before throwing cigarette butts, moisten them with water;
- Do not smoke in bed or when lying down - especially in a drowsy state, while taking medication or after drinking alcohol;
- install additional smoke detectors in the house - preferably photoelectric, which are the most reliable means of preventing fires that start with smoldering.

In order to avoid a tragedy, observe the elementary rules of fire safety when smoking:

- in any case, do not smoke while intoxicated;
- do not smoke near flammable and combustible liquids;
- smoke only in specially designated places;
- do not throw matches and cigarette butts anywhere;
- Make sure that the match and the cigarette butt do not burn, but do not smolder.
- Keep matches, lighters, cigarettes out of the reach of children.

Remember, when you smoke, you endanger not only your health and your life, but also the lives of those around you. Do not disregard your smoking relatives and friends, especially when you are intoxicated. Observe the rules of fire safety!

If trouble happened, call 101 or 112!
Call on the help of neighbors and passers-by. Leave the burning room, do not forget to close the doors behind you, otherwise the fire will flare up even more from the influx of air.
Remember that it is easier to prevent a fire than to regret its consequences!