In Chelyabinsk hospital there was a Department of primary vascular care

The Department of primary vascular care for patients with acute cerebrovascular disorders is opened in GKB № 9. The readiness of the facility to receive the first patients today, on February 8, was checked by the acting head of the city of Chelyabinsk Vladimir Elistratov.

The Department was created "from scratch", about 25 million rubles were spent on its equipment from the city budget. There are 24 General beds and six resuscitation places. For sedentary patients all conditions are created: there are handrails along the perimeter, a place to move in wheelchairs and devices for verticalization. The Department installed new furniture, functional beds and modern equipment. There are ventilator devices, monitors, equipment that monitors the patient's condition every second, a technique for assessing the state of the Central nervous system, a computer tomograph, an expert ultrasound machine and much more.

"We are especially proud of electroencephalograph. In this city a while. This is a small machine, with great opportunities. Almost read thoughts, - says the chief doctor of city clinical hospital No. 9 Oleg Denisov. - There are also rooms for physical therapy, physiotherapy, a recreation area for staff and a buffet for food distribution. The beds in the common rooms are separated by curtains. And in the wards for severe patients there are bathrooms with showers."

The Department will work around the clock. Until now, patients of Leninsky district were hospitalized in three institutions. It was not convenient and the principle of continuity of the patient was not preserved. Now, after the course of treatment, their data will be transferred to the sites at the place of residence, which is convenient for both people and doctors.

Patients will be admitted through the emergency room, which was also repaired and installed modern equipment that can determine the degree of health problems in a few minutes.

"The Department for stroke patients will start working on Monday, February 11. To date, it is completely ready to receive patients. The municipality has invested enough in this project. I liked everything here very much, - Vladimir Elistratov shared his impressions. - I will add that the issue of repair and equipment of hospitals is under constant control of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky. I am sure that together we will restore order in all medical institutions of Chelyabinsk".

Also, the mayor praised the two updated entrance group, hall clinic. About 2 million rubles were spent for these purposes.

"We carried out a cosmetic repair of the facade, created an accessible environment for disabled visitors, anti - slip coating was laid on the porch," said Oleg Denisov. - In the hall there was a major overhaul of the registry, wardrobe, installed an electronic scoreboard with a schedule of doctors and infomats, there is even a table with a tonometer for those who need to measure the pressure. Also on the ceiling and floor for the convenience of visitors appeared routers".

This is not the end of the job. Updates are waiting for other departments and buildings of the hospital.