Nottinghamshire (England)

Cooperation Agreement with Chelyabinsk was signed in 2000.

 Nottinghamshire is a preserved county in the center of England and located in the catchment of the River Trent. Its total area counts 2160 km square. The population is over 1034 thousand pp. The county is divided into 8 administrative districts. Traditionally, Nottingham is considered to be the capital, but at the present time the County Council is placed in the Greater Nottingham conurbation, in West-Bridgeford. Consequently, the capital of Nottinghamshire is West-Bridgeford and the largest city is Nottingham.

Nottinghamshire is an important industrial center. Yet in 1850-1890 the lace production developed in the county lead to the market growth of this very production. In 1920s the production of coal in the mines increased. There are 2 large power stations, Cottam and West-Barton on the banks of the Trent River near the former collieries. The Radcliffe-on-Soar power station is situated south of Nottingham by the Trent River and gas turbine power station is planned to be built nearby. There is also tobacco, food and pharmaceutical industry tuned up in there. But the services sector stays the basic industry of Nottinghamshire.

Nottinghamshire County is a huge junction point. The main railway, Midland Main Line, connects the St Pancras Railway station in London with Sheffield through Nottingham Robin Hood Line. From the North to the South the M1 Highway connecting Nottingham with London, Leeds and other large cities and highways crosses the County.

The system of the secondary education in Nottinghamshire is fully comprehensive. There are 47 public schools and 7 private schools in the County, 18 public and 6 private ones are located in Nottingham. There are also 20 colleges and 2 institutions of further education: University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. This statistics somehow makes the County some kind of a scientific capital of the region.

Among the most noticeable sports achievements in the County is The Nottingham County Cricket Team won the championship between London and Wales in 2005 and the Nottingham Forest Football Club now playing in the B League.

One of the most popular sights of the County is Baron’s Newstead Abbey Family Estate sold in 1818. Nowadays it belongs to the Municipality and opened for the visiting for tourists and citizens.

Nottinghamshire is also known as the place where the legends about Robin Hood took place. That’s why such a big amount of tourists visit Nottingham, Sherwood Forest and the closest villages every year.

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