Main event: 20-03-2018

Employees of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "POVV" were congratulated on a professional holiday

In Chelyabinsk, solemn events dedicated to the Day of workers of housing and communal services are continuing. Today, on March 20, the first persons of Chelyabinsk and the region congratulated the employees of the key enterprise for the city - "Production Association of Water Supply and Sanitation".


Yuzhnourals are invited to take part in the festival-contest "Spring has come, the Victory has come!"

In Chelyabinsk from March 19 to May 9 there is an open festival-contest "Spring has come, the Victory has come!". Vocal and choreographic collectives, as well as solo performers of the Southern Urals at the age of five years, are invited to participate.

The Chelyabinsk Theater of Opera and Ballet will premiere a children's play

The Chelyabinsk Glinka Theater of Opera and Ballet will host the premiere of the ballet "The Adventures of Dr. Aibolit" on May 26 and 27. The producers are confident that the performance will appeal to both children and adults.

Since early morning in Chelyabinsk snow-removing equipment works

On the streets of the city in the morning today, March 22, special equipment for treating the roadway with anti-icing materials was introduced. This is due to warming, at present the air temperature in Chelyabinsk is approaching zero degrees. Combined road machines came out on their routes covering the entire street-road network. Road processing is performed to prevent snow formation. The main priority for the services is to ensure the safety of traffic in difficult weather conditions.

In Chelyabinsk, choose the best baker

In Chelyabinsk on March 30, the Confectionery Championship "Baker of the Urals" among juniors will take place. Applications for participation are accepted until March 25.

Two bus routes have been restored in Chelyabinsk

According to numerous requests from residents of remote neighborhoods, two bus routes have been restored. Residents of Churilovo and Leninsky district can now easily reach the major transport hubs.

Subbotniks start in Chelyabinsk in April

In Chelyabinsk, from April 1 to June 1, there will be a complex of measures for sanitary cleaning and improvement of the city. The corresponding order was signed by the Head of the city Evgeny Teftev.

Postoperative scars are a thing of the past

In City Clinical Hospital No. 1, operations on the thyroid gland with the use of the latest medical technologies began. This became possible due to the close professional and scientific cooperation of Chelyabinsk surgeons and endocrinologists with colleagues from the country's leading clinics, as well as the acquisition by the hospital of modern endovideososcopic equipment.

The action for the World TB Day will be held in Chelyabinsk

In Chelyabinsk on March 23, on the basis of polyclinic No. 8, all adult residents of the city will be able to consult a phthisiatrician and conduct a diagnosis for tuberculosis using the Diaskintest drug. The action is timed to the World TB Day.

In Chelyabinsk the Bashkir film festival "Oskon" will take place

In Chelyabinsk, from March 23 to March 25, the third Bashkir video and scenarios festival "Oskon" (spark) will be held. It will sum up the results of the same Bashkir video contest.

Congratulation of the Head of Chelyabinsk Eugene Teftelev on Navruz holiday

Dear Chelyabinsk citizens! I congratulate you on the spring holiday Navruz. It is a holiday of renewal, joy and faith, is distinguished by its antiquity and amazing beauty, deep meaning and content, reflects the identity and mentality of many peoples.